Harriers Release Barred Owl

Nearly 45 people turned out for the Young Birders Club "Owl Prowl" on March 22nd, jointly sponsored by the Harris Center for Conservation Education. Though the wind was up and the native owls of the Monadnock area were mostly silent, the group did have one reason to get excited: releasing a live Barred Owl back to the wild! 

March is a tough season for our owls: as the snowpack accumulates and hardens, hunting for rodents underneath it becomes difficult, if not impossible. This bird was nearly starving when he was picked up by good Samaritan Cindy Drake and brought to a wildlife rehabilitator in Temple, New Hampshire. After ten days of rest, recuperation, and fattening up, he was ready to go! And it was our privilege to send him on his way.

Photograph by Cindy Drake