Harriers Take Part in Christmas Bird Count

A group of bundled-up Young Birders and many parents trooped around the outskirts of the town of Hancock on December 14, as part of the annual Christmas Bird Count. Participants counted every individual bird they could see or hear, from the pigeons on the church spire to the bluebirds hanging out near a field of buffalo. 28 species were tallied, including an adult Cooper's Hawk perched less than 30 yards away, eventually cruising overhead in a shallow stoop, spooking a flock of pigeons at a nearby bird-feeder. (Click here to view all the club's sightings for the day.)

Harriers and allies, braving the cold...
Photograph by Cynthia Nichols

At the conclusion of their route, the group adjourned to the nearby Harris Center for Environmental Education, where hot cider, chili, and macaroni awaited (not to mention twelve bird species at the feeders!). Here the group met "The General," a 12-year-old captive Red-tailed Hawk introduced by local falconer Anna Rozier, 18, a senior at the nearby Dublin School, who then helped fly the bird on the Harris Center grounds. This was followed by an end-of-year meeting, at which the Harriers' new Officers were announced for the coming year. There's a lot in store for us in 2014!

Anna and "The General"
Photograph by Cynthia Nichols