Harriers Win Statewide Birdathon

May 18: Harriers Team Wins Statewide Birdathon

"The Harrier Circus": the 2013 YBC Birdathon Team
Left to right: Aiden Moser, Phil Brown, Henry Walters, Adam Burnett

How long does it take to find 147 species of birds in New Hampshire? About 22 hours, if you've got the keen eyes and ears (not to mention the stamina) of the Harriers' 2013 Birdathon team. Calling themselves "The Harrier Circus" (a bad pun on the bird's Latin name), club members Aiden Moser and Adam Burnett joined YBC Coordinators Phil Brown and Henry Walters for a day of pell-mell birding across the state. An explosive chorus of Marsh Wrens and Whip-poor-wills greeted them well before dawn in Hinsdale, along the Connecticut River, and by 9:00 am they had seen or heard over 100 species, including 20 different warblers. They made their way to the Atlantic coast for the afternoon, where a Caspian Tern and a Little Blue Heron were among the rarities they spotted. (Check out a full list of their sightings here.) Out of the 13 teams participating in the annual Birdathon, the Harrier Circus won by a landslide--and more importantly, they had a great time together. Their efforts helped raise more than $1,000 in donations and pledges, all of which benefit the Young Birders Club. It's not too late to sponsor the team! Your donation goes directly to the Harriers' field trips and activities, and will strengthen the organization for the months and years ahead. To donate, click here.