Life Bird Revives Gasping Spring Migration

By Aiden Moser

Louisiana Waterthrush
Photograph by Aiden Moser

I have been looking for spring migrants all season but it has been extremely slow birding and there have been very few warblers. Finally on Friday, May 10, there was a big movement of migrants like warblers, thrushes, orioles, and tanagers.

Today I observed nine species of warblers (including an adult male Cape May Warbler) from our yard, including a life bird. The life bird that I saw is called a Louisiana Waterthrush, a species in the warbler family that looks more like a large sparrow. Its preferred habitat is woodland streams. I was able to confirm that it was a Louisiana Waterthrush from our yard based on its song. I wanted to see it so I hiked down our road in the direction of the bird singing. I soon found the waterthrush midway up a tree perched above a medium-sized and relatively fast-flowing stream that runs into the Contoocook River. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get any good photos (bad lighting and angle), but it was a fun experience.